3D Printed Super Mario Aquarium is just awesome


Of course, not everyone has the same hobbies, and there are always hobbies that are traditionally labelled as ‘merely boring’. For example, watching a Netflix movie is much more fun for many people than collecting stamps, playing with model trains or doing jigsaw puzzles. Even enjoying your goldfish can be quite soporific. Nothing could be further from the truth. With this Super Mario aquarium, it suddenly becomes a lot more fun.

Super Mario may not be the most recent hit, but the photos of this aquarium went completely viral. Quite understandable, because having such a thing in your living room brightens things up in an instant.

A creative aquarium built with a 3D printer

An ordinary aquarium is often no more than a tank of water, water plants, gravel, a filter system and a temperature controller. The Super Mario aquarium goes a step further and is a joy to look at. It contains a complete level from the famous game. By the way, it was not created by a creative hobbyist, but by the company Katamco. With the help of a 3D printer, they have taken the concept of an aquarium to a whole new level, and we think they have achieved this very well. You can see all sorts of familiar details in it, such as the castle, the warp-pipes and other details.


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