Bizarre twist in story about US biolabs in Ukraine

The financial aid to Ukraine is nothing but hush money and will end up in the pockets of corrupt Ukrainian politicians who are hiding the secrets of the Biden crime family, says Pearson Sharp of One American News.

Tens of thousands of e-mails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that the US President’s son financed biolabs in Ukraine. According to the Russians, biochemical weapons were produced there at the request of Biden’s crime syndicate. The Russians were right, says Sharp.

Three months for corona

The US Department of Defense invested tons in research on corona in Ukraine in November 2019, three months before the WHO gave the virus this name.

The United States and Hunter Biden funded research on the corona virus before it officially existed in the same labs that the government says do not exist.

“Is Joe Biden personally responsible for creating Covid-19?” asks Sharp. “Is this the Biden virus?”

One of the biggest
“Is it a coincidence that one of the largest biolabs in the world is located in Marioepol? A city recently liberated by Russia from Ukrainian Nazis funded and trained by America.”

“Russia is not the aggressor,” Sharp stresses. “The US, the Pentagon and their allies Europe and NATO are responsible for this conflict.”


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