Here’s why sunshine makes us happy


A shining sun quickly puts a smile on our faces. People on the street seems happier if the temperature is pleasant and the sun is shining. Or are we imagining this? No, this is really true: we become happy(er) with nice weather. Why? You can read why below.

You probably know that serotonin is produced by exercising. And that makes you feel more happy. It works the same way with the sun. Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the release of the hormone serotonin in the brain. This makes you feel calmer, and happier. At the same time, sunlight is crucial for the production of vitamin D. But what is this exactly, and why do you really need vitamin D?

Several studies confirm the happy-making effects of sunlight. In the studies, levels of brain chemicals were measured. It showed that people on bright sunny days had higher serotonin levels than on cloudy days. That effect persisted no matter how cold or warm the weather was. So it doesn’t even have to be warm to feel happier – as long as the sun is shining!


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