Iceline lifeline Nuclear-powered icebreakers

Some things are just impressive just like the Nuclear-powered icebreakers. They navigate through 118 inches of thick ice over a distance of 8,700 miles from northern Europe to the Asian Pacific coast. Jump aboard to see how it’s done from the inside out!

There was a time when shipping started very early and several ships got stuck in the ice. At that time I worked on the ‘Captain Dranitsyn’ and the old ‘Arctic’ icebreaker saved 5 or 6 ships. One was just crushed,” recalls the boatswain of the new icebreaker ‘Arctic’. In those days, the northern sea route was dangerous even for icebreakers. For decades only the western part was used, but with the new icebreakers of Project 2220 the route can finally be open all year round.


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