Money Causes Stress, Thats Why We Bitcoin

Financial stress is emotional tension that is specifically related to money. Anyone can experience financial stress, but financial stress may occur more often in households with low incomes. Stress can result from not making enough money to meet your needs such as paying rent, paying the bills, and buying groceries.

And with inflation, it will only get worse. The plan to stop it? Another push on the money printer ….BRRR….  By the way, there are also people who think inflation is good, as the BBC tries to sell it…

“But on the whole, inflation can actually be a good thing for many working-class Americans, especially those with fixed-rate debt like a 30-year mortgage. That’s because wages are going up, which not only empowers workers but also gives them more money to pay down debt. Plus, in the case of a mortgage, your monthly payment will be the same but your house will increase in value.”

Thats why we bitcoin


What do you think?

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