Police officer loses spike mat and then drives over it


This cop went to drive off with his back hatch open, his spike strip falls out and he proceeds to back over it. He must have oatmeal for brains.

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If you thought your day was shitty then watch this video. America is known for its police officers who drive around in the most luxurious cars. Yet sometimes even these cops can make a big blunder. A hilarious video has recently appeared in which a police officer loses his spike mat, and then drives over it himself.

In the video, a fat police car drives with the tailgate open. Why it is open, nobody knows. With flashing lights on, the car rushes through the street until something falls out of the boot. At first it is not really clear what is falling out, but after a few seconds it becomes clear. You immediately hear the tyres deflating at breakneck speed: “Pfffft”. A nightmare for the cop, but a laugh for us.





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