Staying in Quietest Room in The World

The world’s quietest room absorbs 99.99% of sound thanks to 3.3-metre-thick fibreglass acoustic wedges, double walls of insulated steel and one-metre-thick concrete. Standing in this room, it becomes clear that you have never actually experienced real silence. When you close the doors, you actually experience an eerie silence that you have never heard before. No traffic, no people outside, and even your own echoes are muffled.

Ultimate silence

Such silence is a blessing in disguise, you might say. Just nothing around you and really enjoying the peaceful silence. It is true that in the beginning it can be really nice, but when you spend more than a few minutes here, it can be quite nauseating. When visiting the room, guests must sit down as they may become disoriented by the unique experience.

What exactly makes these people so miserable? It is themselves.

The ears adjust themselves automatically. It is therefore advisable to avoid loud noises for a week beforehand. During the visit to the anechoic chamber, you slowly become aware of all sorts of sounds that you could not hear before. For example, you start to hear the blood flowing through your body, you hear the saliva in your mouth, the way your joints move, and some people can even hear their own heartbeat in their chest.


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