Tom Macdonald wipes the floor with 'fake woke' clowns

Tom Macdonald is going viral. And that is particularly interesting because in his song he declares war on the whole woke madness of the radical left. The name of the song alone says it all: “Fake Woke.”

The hypocrisy indeed of the censoring bigots. They shout that our opinion is inappropriate, can no longer be held, and is even dangerous. But meanwhile, they themselves listen every day to music in which women are depicted as prostitutes. Whose opinion really causes damage to society?

Being “woke” means being left-wing and aware of and involved in issues of race and social justice. Being educated about the difference between “gender identity” and “gender expression” is woke. Kneeling as a police officer at a BLM demonstration is super woke.

Typical of woke culture is an intolerance of other opinions, often manifested in demands for censorship. MacDonald believes that this makes many of those who consider themselves woke hypocrites. He also addresses the original sin that, according to the Black Lives Matter movement, all white people live with.

If this is not a reason to listen to hip-hop, I don’t know what is! What a hero this Tom Macdonald is!


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